MasterCard Shop Like A Zen Master Campaign

MasterCard wanted to create a new type of shopping experience that customers found inviting yet relaxing and less stressful. 


We worked with MasterCard to create a web destination that would make it simple to shop like a Zen Master.


This campaign involved social media interaction with customers, discounts provided by global retailers, promotional email mail-outs and digital banner advertising.


We created a responsive microsite that acted as a hub page for the entire campaign that used parallax scrolling to navigate through the site, features and included interactive animations on each page.

I worked with creative, strategy, UX, development & design teams regarding the design aesthetic and the mechanics & UX, the development of the site as well as production of all content assets.


I also managed all additional deliverables as part of this campaign e.g. emails, digital banners etc

Agency: TBWA/Digital Arts Network, Sydney

Coco Caspersz

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