LG V40 ThinQ Mobile 5 Boroughs 5 Nights 5 Views NY Activation

LG Mobile USA wanted a memorable way to publicize the launch of their latest mobile phone amongst a crowded competitor landscape of mobile devices being launched within the same timeframe by Apple, Google and Samsung.

The LGV40 ThinQ mobile's key feature is it's five impressive camera lenses. LG wanted to ensure that as many of their target audience as possible were aware of the new phone and lineup of cameras. How could we help to ensure LG reached this objective?

Ultimately, we came up with the idea of creating 5 unique consumer experiences within 5 nights of activations in the 5 boroughs of New York showcasing the 5 different camera lenses. We called it the 5 x 5 x 5.

We needed to ensure all five experiences were distinct, memorable and importantly, highly shareable socially using the LGV40 ThinQ mobile as the means to share real time content at each activation to the wider online audience.

We created 5 x full life-size sets complete with real life custom props that were iconic to New York i.e. a subway cart, a Central Park set, a NY news stand, a classic Brownstone, and an urban street wall with wild postings. These sets created memorable instances and unique photo vignettes for the audience to take selfies & photo moments at each of the activations using the different LGV40 camera lenses that were set up at custom photo product stations and then shared socially.

The custom branded phone product stations were manned with Brand Ambassadors who helped the audience take selfies, explained the phone features, showcased the different camera options, and helped them to share their experiences to their social channels.

Each of the five experiences in Staten Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan were all unique and included a boat cruise on the harbour, a live cooking demonstration by renowned chef, Jonathan Waxman, a rooftop screening of Ghostbusters, a live art experience by Queens urban artist, Kamille Ejerta, and a closing night Manhattan activation that included performances by French Montana and Becky G. All experiences were filmed and broadcast live to social at each activation using the LGV40 mobile.

In addition we produced three digital tools, a check in tool that gathered specific information about our audience, a social sharing tool that gave users the ability to share and download images or videos to social channels via a user generated landing page and thirdly, a featured content tool that allowed Brand Ambassadors at each of the events to push specific featured images or videos captured at each event onto large LED screens in real time.

We also worked with Getty Images to produce a sizzle reel that captured the essence of the five day experience from behind the scenes and audience perspectives.

As Head of Production I oversaw & collaborated on the strategy, creative ideation & planning of the activations and sell in deck to the client. I managed the scoping, budgeting and all contract negotiations. I sourced and negotiated the unique venues for each activation and worked with fabricators regarding the set build, web development teams regarding UX, development and QA of the social tools. I oversaw on the ground staffing, brand ambassadors, catering and managed the production team regarding sourcing of props etc. I oversaw all custom gifting and merchandise produced for each activation. I worked with the client, account and production teams regarding client specific requests and revisions as required.

The activations were a success for LG and garnered press and social amplification for the brand.

Agency: RQ Experience, Los Angeles

Coco Caspersz


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