Shire Eyelove Art Campaign

Shire Pharmaceuticals wanted a big, splashy launch for their new drug for dry eye disease, Xiidra. The campaign would need to create awareness of the disease and target 18-50 yo women across digital, social, experiential & earned media.


We came up with a technology that would produce an original, custom 3D artwork based on the unique colors of a person's eyes.

To capture this, we created a customized headset that through macro photography would take images of the primary and secondary colors of the eye and ultimately produce a piece of 3D art animation using the colors unique to that person.

Additionally, along with this technology, we sold in a 3D art installation, a website, social amplification and an earned and paid media plan and influencer & PR plan to promote the idea.

As the Program Lead, my role involved managing all workstreams including producing all scopes, budgets & costs, collaborating with clients & partners to manage all aspects of the installation from creative concepting, UX, design, technical integration and 3D animation design exploration and final output to the physical production of the installation e.g. location scouting, wall construction & design fabrication, production of the custom headsets, kiosk stands, customized screens, signage, handouts as well as digital equipment onsite & technical crew, projection mapping and hardware requirements, onsite staff and the production of a sizzle reel and case study.

The installation was the biggest workstream in the program and took eight months from initial planning to launch at the High Line, New York which was open to the public in October, 2016.

Post launch, the installation was modified to take on a roadshow around the U.S. at specific pharma events for Shire. We adapted the physical installation to take on the road where it could be showcased in a smaller format.  Other outputs included a website that included an adaptation of the 3D animation, GEO targetted HTML5 banners, chalk art, wild postings, flyers, handouts, Snapchat GEO filters, social amplification posts etc.

I worked with stakeholders both internally and externally regarding the production for these deliverables and led teams on a day-to-day basis and managed project milestones, deadlines and timings to ensure we launched on schedule for each of the workstreams.

The campaign as a whole took about a year in the making with the lead up to the installation and post launch and installation roadshow.

Thousands of people participated in the project creating and sharing one of a kind art inspired by their eyes. We had over 480 million impressions and  over 11,000 visitors at the Installation on the High Line. The campaign also generated greater awareness of chronic dry eye disease and importance of seeing one's eye doctor in relation to the disease.

Winner, Best Experiential Campaign - Digiday 2017 Awards

Agency: Edelman Digital, New York