Major Lazer & Bacardi - The Sound of Rum Partnership

Bacardi wanted to announce the news of their partnership with electronic band, Major Lazer, alongside the creation of a new rum that Major Lazer would be involved in both the creation and promotion of.

To answer this brief, we sold in a digital content series 'The Sound of Rum' that would provide snippets of content teasing both the announcement of the partnership and the upcoming rum launch, leading up to the actual media announcement later in the year.  The story would document Major Lazer's journey with Bacardi to create the greatest rum of all time.

The video content would live on social channels.


My role involved producing all scopes and budgets and working with Client Services and Management team to sell the creative proposal in to the client. I managed and led all day to day planning, strategy, creative concepting for the team and managed the project timeline. I collaborated with the creative team on the narrative, creative design, storyboards and shot list, planning the film shoot logistics and locations, client management and band requirements for the shoot and filming & editing of the footage.


I worked with their PR news video agency who produced the video press release for media globally and managed their budget and contract negotiations & arrangements.


In addition, I worked with the band's management to co-ordinate their filming schedule for the on set locations in Puerto Rico and Jamaica, band rider and on set requirements and worked with the Line Producer in filming of their concert.

We also produced Snapchat ads for the pre-launch to additionally provide snippets of the upcoming announcement which I managed the creative development and post production for.

Agency: Edelman Digital, New York

Coco Caspersz

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